Realizing that many times when browsing bookstores (how quaint) I was unsure if I had read a particular book or not, I implemented my Book Log sometime in 2001. At that time I tried to record entries for all the books I had read before, going from memory and using the content of my bookshelves as a guide. Therefore, although the portion of the log prior to 2001 is hopelessly incomplete since there are probably many books I have read that do not appear, at least I can be sure that I have read all of the books that do appear. Ever since I started the log, after finishing each book I record its title, author, copyright date, a short review, the book’s source (how I found out about it) and the format in which I read it. Later on I began entering the date I began the book and the date I finished it. After backfilling as best I could, the first real time log entry I made was for “In the Night Season” by Richard Bausch. The log contains an entry for every book I have read since.


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